The power of Love

What keeps the relationships going, is the power of love they have. Our life is made up of only two kind of things – positive and negative. Our attitude and way of thinking can make bad things look better.

Positive thinking does not always come easy for most of us , especially at ‘crucial’ times. But the undenying truth is, we have the power to attract goodness into our lives and LOVE is always the answer. We can manifest so many things that do come true by being positive and putting a positive spin on life.

Bad days can be changed into good days. Changing our mind can change our life.

A decision one has to make.

Here are some power points for relationships. The moment you feel bad about your relationships, read this you will change your bad thought into a good one.

The power of LOVE

  1. With every single person you come into contact, you are either giving love or you’re not. And based on what you give, that is what you receive.      
  2. Give love to others through kindness, encouragement, support, gratitude or any good feeling and it comes back to you multiplied in every area of your life.
  3. Look for the things you love in a relationship more than you notice negative things and It will appear as if something incredible has happened to the other person.
  4. Trying to change another person, thinking you know what is best for the person is wrong is not giving love!
  5. Criticizing, blaming, complaining, nagging or finding fault with another person is not giving love.
  6. You have to be happy to receive the happy versions of other people !
  7. The force of love presents you with a whole array of Personal Emotional Trainers (PETs), disguised as everyday people, but they are all training you to choose love !
  8. You can stick everything you love and want to you by looking for the things you love in other people, and saying yes to those qualities with all of your heart!
  9. You can’t talk about or hear negativity and have good feelings!
  10. Life is presenting every person and circumstances to you so you can choose what you love and what you don’t love. When you react to anything, you are reacting with your feelings, and as you do, you are choosing it!
  11. You can’t change a negative situation with bad feelings. If you keep reacting negatively, your bad feelings will magnify and multiply negativity.
  12. If you’re feeling fantastic, the force of your magnetic field creates a shield that no negativity can penetrate.
  13. Changing the way you feel is easy compared to running around trying to change the circumstances of the outside world. Change your feelings and the outside circumstances will change !
  14. The more you give love the more it expands, drawing everything and everyone you love to you!

To know the secret and the knowledge of ‘this’ power, please consider the bestseller book ‘THE POWER’ by RHONDA BYRNE.

The Power

Link to the book

The Secret: The Power

Link to the audio book
By Rhonda Byrne: The Power [Audiobook]





Decide this moment to never beg again anyone for the love, respect and attention you should be showing yourself.

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