7 habits of agelessness

  1. Brain Fitness

Western researchers are learning that by consistently stretching and flexing your mind as you age, whether through learning new languages or performing challenging mental aerobics such as Crossword puzzles, you can actually grow more intelligent and alert. Thinking that your memory and clarity will be reduced as you grow older is a self-fulfilling prophecy: the more you believe it, the more your actions will be aligned with that belief and, therefore, the more the results you generate will manifest that belief. So strive to constantly work your mind. Try new things, meet new people, and think new thoughts and expand your comfort zone.


2. Control Your Destiny

The tiny island community of Okinawa in the East China Sea contains the world’s highest concentration of people more than 100 years of age.

Their habits? They eat a primarily natural diet, consuming meat only on special occasions, they miaintain an active lifestyle and they have strong spiritual beliefs which allow them to connect with their destiny. By knowing their role in the larger scheme of things and understanding that they have the power to create the kind of life they want to create, their lives are filled with meaning and hope. This is an important longevity factor.


3. A Sense of Purpose

As you have already learned, the purpose of life is a life of purpose. When you discover a rich mission that allows you to manifest your talents and strengths with a worthy aim, your life becomes vital and satisfying because you are doing what you were meant to do. Doing what you love brings mental peace and physical vibrancy. As the late Malcolm Forbes said, “Whatever you like to do just find a way to do it. The biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at what they most enjoy. . . . Success follows doing what you love to do.”


4. Join the Movement for Movement

One of the best ways to stay younger longer and inject far more living into your life is to exercise regularly. Your body was made to be moved. Exercise is an important peak performance technology. If you are feeling low, take a brisk walk in natural surroundings—you will receive instant benefits from this simple strategy. Moving your body through exercise increases circulation which enhances oxygenation of your tissues. This provides you with more energy and vitality. Exercising allows for efficient waste removal which raises your overall health levels. A regular fitness program will also enhance your creativity and mental crispness and keep you positive and feeling inspired


5. High-Quality Relationships

One of the golden threads of youthful, long living people is that they work hard to build loving relationships. One of the greatest of all human needs is the need to be cherished. Start dedicating yourself to creating better relationships on both a personal and professional level. They will be a constant source of strength, support and satisfaction.

6. Posture/Flexibility

As you act, so you become. If you move your body like a tired, old person, you will produce the feelings a tired, old person produces. Eventually you will become tired and old. The way you hold yourself and move your physical body has a profound effect on your emotions. This is the Promotion of Emotion through Motion principle. When your posture is poor and you slouch, you generate a whole host of physiological responses.

You put pressure on your lower back and you restrict the full circulatory flow. This, in turn, restricts the amount of oxygen your body can assume, which in turn affects everything from your energy levels to your moods. By simply standing up straight, you will quickly notice you feel more alert, confident and energetic. This is because you have altered your chemistry and offered your physiology a more empowering alternative.

A second strategy to maintain youthfulness and vitality through physical movement is to keep your body flexible. The ancient sages developed the discipline of yoga to keep their minds, bodies and spirits in ideal shape. They understood that when the body is tense the mind is tense, and through a series of scientific postures, they could relax the body and, therefore, still the mind. This is a key stress reduction principle: ease the body and you will immediately ease the mind. Start stretching your body before a stressful or challenging situation like you see athletes doing before the big race or game. And remember, to stay young, refuse to let an old person move into your body.

7.The Yogi’s Bath

The yogis of the East believed the daily ritual of a cool bath promoted longevity and vitality. By bathing in cool but not cold water for no more than a couple of minutes as early as possible in the morning, these people found that the layer of dead skin than rests on our surfaces was quickly removed, leading to a healthier body. They also found the cool bath invigorating and, by giving themselves a brisk rubdown with their hands after it, they promoted circulation and the many benefits this would bring. This ancient tool will bring you significant benefits. As always, judge by results


Original Article – Robin Sharma


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