Happy Monday

Hey its MONDAY !!

(plzzz don’t make a face :|)

Everyone is unique in this universe.

And everyone has this quality to be and to make others happy.

Every soul is an amazing soul.

You may not think completely of yourself as an amazing happy soul.

You may probably bumped into such thought many times in the course of your life but due to one or other adverse moments maybe you have not  recognized yourself as that.

Arghh.... its monday  !!!

There are some lucky people who have recognized themselves as amazing happy souls and keep on looking for being more amazing and be happy. Just as you are born with the capacity to breathe, to  walk, to talk, to dream, you are born with the capacity to be happy and live a whole new week by ignoring the blues Monday has to offer.

I know, I know –  Mondays are termed as ‘classic’ (my friends coined this term – Monday Dragon or Classic Monday )and all the wisdom-  peace, patience, calmness, joy are gone when we are in the midst of trying to make it through the day.

If you are a human being with a functioning brain, then you should be excited about a new week you have got.

When you wake up every Monday, you should be filled with excitement because you know this day and this week is going to be full of great and happy things.

blaahs to aahas

Every Monday I will be posting happy-happy posts to keep your happiness index up.

Ahh!! I am not going to preach you how to be happy,

I am only trying to gear up your happy muscles and rearing you to start a happy Monday.

So starting from this Monday (happy day) open your happy account and start pouring happiness into it.

The more you practice and give around, the more you will be flooded with it. Liquidity will be maintained.

Happy Monday :D
Happy Monday 😀

No more blues only happy – happy  hues  🙂 🙂 🙂

Let the magic of  happy  Mondays (and the week) begins……

Stay tuned

Be a happy soul.

Be a blissful soul.

Be a peaceful soul.

Did you find this post useful ? If so, please share it with other peaceful souls !

I am a peaceful soul


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