BE your being,

Your core, your essence- what was there all along.

In the beginning before the rest came into form, your light, your energy,

Your energetic thumbprint,

Your color, your shape, your texture, your movement,

Your song

Your light.

Your BE-ing-ness

What came before the doing-

The BE.

The you behind the YOU

Your witness

Your all seeing eye

Your timeless BE-ing

Your stillness,

Your deep pool of being-ness,

Your effortless-ness,

Your flow

The you that lights up the room with no words.

The you that simply by BEing transforms, heals, empowers and delights

The YOU behind all the masks,

What is left when you stop trying to BE and simply BE.

The BE-ING in you.

Your Presence is a Gift-

Who are you called to BE?

By – Elayne kalila Doughty

Source –


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