Happy Monday – The ABC of Happiness


Being breathing, walking, talking machine (techno freak human beings) of this amazing era, the way we have programmed our lifestyle, relations and thoughts, feelings like pleasure and pain are always changing sides.  Either one, at a time is dominating the way we see our lives. (Sadly, in this era we see it on moment to moment basis)

Here are 3 happy habits that you should cultivate; I call them – ABC of happiness

A.      A warm hug.

If you are an Indian, or have some interest in Hindi Cinema (Bollywood), then I am sure you must have watched MunnaBhai MBBS. Remember the happy formula – Jaadu Ki Jhappi  (magical hug)

Yes, you need it. Try hugging yourself :) , there is no one around.
Yes, you need it. Try hugging yourself 🙂 , there is no one around.

What a big, warm, loving hug feels like?

Whenever you need it, give yourself a big hug and wrap your pain, fear and bad memories in love. When bad thoughts or feelings come to mind, picture yourself getting a great big warm hug and remember how great it makes you feel.  Mentally give yourself that big, wonderful hug. Wrap the pain, the fear and the bad memories in love. Enjoy that warm, loving hug for a few moments, and then immediately shift your attention to positive, constructive objectives. You don’t have to physically hug yourself to have this work well and nobody needs to know what you’re thinking or doing. 

B.  Be Loving

Happy people are the most loving people.

They love what they do, they love the people around them, they love their work and they love themselves.  Wherever love is limited or lacking, there is no happiness

To be happy, try to love expansively and extensively.

C.      Commit and Focus.

Our Focus Determines Our Feelings. Thinking about bad things makes feel sad, angry or anxious. Shifting our attention to good things makes us feel happy, energized and enthusiastic. That’s why it’s so important to move from problems to possible positive solutions quickly.  Focusing on what’s wrong keeps us stuck in misery.


Painful visions and memories give us powerful jolts of Negative Energy; they are our own personal horror shows.  Defuse those bad thoughts by wrapping them in love and then shifting attention to pleasant objectives. They are painful distraction from the happy life you want to enjoy.

Try to pretend that you are happy, slowly it becomes your habit and gradually it becomes your character.


Every day is a different day, every situation is different. But we can make a habit of being happy all the time to keep our soul content and composed , like the way we keep our body healthy and hydrated by making a habit of drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day

Happiness Is Healing

Refuse Satan to take control, fight back. Happiness is the best way to put painful experiences behind you.  Expect everything you do to be enjoyable and then try to make everything you do fun, interesting and rewarding.

Try To Have A Good Time All Of The Time.  Fuel Your Life And Your Work With Love And Fun.

Hope it helps!

blaahs to aahas
This is a part of HAPPY MONDAY blog  series.
Being happy is not always easy, though. It can be one of the greatest challenges that we face and can sometimes take all the determination, persistence & self-discipline that we can muster. Maturity means taking responsibility for our own happiness and choosing to concentrate on what we have got rather than on what we do not have.
Trying to turn your Monday blaahhs into Monday aaahhs  🙂
Do let us know, how it is working for  you ? 

No more blues only happy – happy  hues  🙂

Be a happy soul.Be a blissful soul.

Be a peaceful soul.

Did you find this post useful ? If so, please share it with other peaceful souls !

I am a peaceful soul


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