Happy Monday – Time for happiness well being


Happy Monday once again!

I hope your weekend was fun and spent doing pending chores :p . In my earlier posts in this ‘Happy Monday’ series. We together have done an exercise to define happiness.  Knowing what happiness means to us can lead us to search for the way where we can always remain happy.

On this occasion of a new week (a round of applause please, we have survived one more week!) I have a set of questions for you. I think by now (assuming you are reading all my blogs *sigh*) you must have noticed that for every thought I have a question. Never mind, my question for now is – why do you work so hard? Or, why do you work at all?  For sure, we work for a living which is essential but also it gives us a feeling of achievement. This achievement gratifies our senses and makes us happy. We can say, we work to be happy.

Happy Monday :D
Happy Monday 😀

It’s Monday morning and you get up late. With a speed of a jet plane, you showered yourself, get dressed, gathered your stuff and rushed to office. What’s going in your mind – I will have a coffee at the train station, probably a cheese sandwich too or else will manage with a cookie in office. Is it healthy?

If you are searching content on internet and reading this post, I assume, you are educated and aware enough that skipping breakfast is not at all healthy for your body. Let me ask my question again – Is it healthy for your overall well being – for your happiness well being?

Getting up late, is acceptable (sometimes) , but running your mind and doing things in a super fast motion to cover up is actually an invitation for all the blues to override the otherwise best of you. You missed your breakfast and other morning rituals, you are now automatically craving for junk food and also the crankiness .

The way we are hardwired, any physical collapse leads to emotional collapse and vice versa. Failure of anyone can impact our mental health. God has made us like this – our physical self, emotional self and mental self are the part of same one package. You cannot focus on one area and expect to be sane.

The complete package.
The complete package.

Have you ever seen your parents searching internet or reading books on ‘how to be happy ’ or ‘where to find happiness’ ? Are you aware if they had any ‘happy club’ membership? Have you ever seen them making weekend plans to chill and relax? Probably, NO. What does this means? The never had any breakups. Their bosses have never crushed them. They haven’t experienced any traffic jams or they were not dealing with naughty kids (ahem ahem!!) wow! Their life was nearly perfect. Do you really think so? They have practically dealt with everything under the sun. Now spare few minutes to think, why our generation is so vulnerable to negativity and sadness. Why we are seeking happiness?

You are in our 20s or 30s and we take good care of our physical health. When you go for walks or run on a treadmill, what is in your mind? EMI calculations, stock market, day planner, self note to call plumber and get kitchen sink fixed, pending emails, what to buy as a birthday gift for your best friend’s daughter etc. Basically, you are burning calories and doing import-export of stress.

Can you picture yourself  like this ?
Can you picture yourself like this ?

Today we have more communication channels – Mobile phones, emails, facebook, twitter, blogs, whats app, we chat, gtalk, skype, vlog. We can record our message and can send to anyone  just in seconds. We are “in touch” 24X7 but do we share a bond with those phone nos, email ids, facebook ids, twitter handles, blog urls and so on? In 2013 friends are our new family. And we do follow some sort of bro-code. But is it all , what we need, what is essential or what can makes us happy ?No matter what a “weak link” these channels are we are accustomed to them (please somebody says no) and with those shorthand emoticons the real emotions have lost.

The other day I was having a headache, despite of uneasiness and discomfort due to computer screen, I continued with my work. I ignored the pain with a thought – it’s okay, I will finish this off, go back home and will doze off for a while, what my team will think of me – I am a kid who can’t bear a headache and just making an excuse for an off !! I am sure this doesn’t happen with me only. We keep on doing things when in little pain. We bear the physical pain and accept that ( ACCEPT THE PAIN) and we don’t go to doctor or do anything to heal it.

We accept the pain –  is it healthy ? We usually have this belief – ‘such-things-do-happen-and-it-is-not-only-us-who- are -suffering- it’. We never realized we are not only accepting pain, we are actually accepting sadness.

Picture cleared , why our generation is so vulnerable. We have 24 hours in a day and no time for ourselves. We are not going with the nature’s way, thus how can we cure ourselves emotionally.

If I ask you – are you tensed? You will say obviously who is not (and someone would also say, girl it’s Monday  …just the thought can make me tense)

All the time you are distracting yourself, first rushing and skipping meal in the morning to be on time to get hold of the rest of the day. Then, later, sending endless messages inclusive of emoticons to people in your contact book to make sure that you care. And, at the end dragging yourself with pain to make you feel grown up or professional.  Everything you distract is just being side tracked and it appears when you worship or workout.

Certainly you are only living not enjoying. To enjoy the beauty of your mind and heart, you must keep it clean and feed it healthily. Keeping it clean should be your top priority.

Mind is strong but heart is weak. (very weak, pay attention  to it.) The way we talk to others (words, actions) and ourselves (thoughts, imagination) creates our real world. The bad talks trigger tension/stress and results in sadness. The good talks trigger calmness and results in happiness.

Work on physical and mental health to get good emotional health.

Dhayan karna hai  – mushkil hai

Dhayan rakhna hai – yeh karna hai

English translation – It is difficult to take care that you have to take care of yourself, but it is utmost important to actually take care of yourself.

You are taking care of your job, career, car, home, family, bills, etc but hey dear where are you on the list ? Who is going to take care of you? No matter how awesome it may sound, but I can’t meditate or smile on your behalf.


Taking care of your physical and mental self

Books, music, walks, gym – you are doing it right. Work on your thoughts, see your vocab for a day.

Keep yourself in schedule (top most priority)

Taking care of your emotional self

The beautiful soul hardwired in the physical body and  powerfully programmed by the brain (mental) have to show up  and  take responsibility.


It’s surprising how hard we will work when the work is done for ourselves.

We take care of everything, body and all but not for the one who we are – the being.

It’s the time for your total happiness well being.

Take care.

blaahs to aahas
This is a part of HAPPY MONDAY blog  series.
Being happy is not always easy, though. It can be one of the greatest challenges that we face and can sometimes take all the determination, persistence & self-discipline that we can muster. Maturity means taking responsibility for our own happiness and choosing to concentrate on what we have got rather than on what we do not have.
Trying to turn your Monday blaahhs into Monday aaahhs  🙂
Do let us know, how it is working for  you ? 

No more blues only happy – happy  hues  🙂

Be a happy soul.Be a blissful soul.Be a peaceful soul.Did you find this post useful ? If so, please share it with other peaceful souls !I am a peaceful soul


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