Happy Monday : Breathe

Hello Everyone,

Ah ! one more Monday pass by , this one more silent on the surface but too noisy inside. I started this Happy Monday  series to chuck out Monday or any other blues,  life offers. But some part of me was still immersed in a deep blue bucket. I realized I was running too fast in my thoughts making things more complex and then complaining about my inactivity. (The reason behind few missing Monday posts)

They way I have done and feeling the fantastic moments so far , I request you to push the pause button of your life. Hey , don’t  make those looks. Pause for a moment.  Take this moment just for yourself.

And ..,



B  R  E  A  T  H  E


There are numerous things we have done today . Take a moment to breathe now. Breathe deep calming breaths.

If I could have some powers to listen your thoughts now, I would listen something like

“ yes, but …. “

“I would , but … “

“ Oh yes, I should and I will, when …. “

“ I tried …. But … “

“ I want to, except .. “

Please shut up ! It is just a moment.

Seriously, Breathe.

Do you know, there is a difference between thinking about breathing and actually breathing.

You do not have to stress yourself and stay stressed to get things done. Why to exhaust yourself ? Why not to choose to be calm and relaxed. After all we always have a choice.

So have you taken a moment to breathe?  Don’t think about what it could do for your doubts and fears right now.  A deep breathe can’t solve your issues but it won’t let them over power you. It will be relaxing and will give you strength.

It is like when your mother call you for some work and you assure her  “I will be right there doing what you say , just give me a moment. Yes, I will be there. Please give me one minute to finish what I am doing.” Yes, exactly . Do it just like that.

Tell those deadlines, the worries and anxieties, the self talk , the hopelessness  and sadness that you will be right back with them in just a moment  🙂  Stand up from where you are , move towards a place where  you can have fresh air (window side or even going on terrace will work) and , breathe.

Still doubting and thinking. Are you not comfortable and assertive about needing a moment? Is it too much, you are asking for? Too much than the stress is doing to your neck, shoulders and to your life ? You are accustomed to it, you have stopped noticing how tense you are. Notice it now, it is okay, not that late. You now understand how much you need this moment to just breathe.

This is your moment.

This is your time.

No one has the powers to snatch this moment from you.

Pause .

B   R  E  A  T  H  E






I want to know, how does it go ? What did you notice in that moment ? How did things look shifting for you ? Do you notice how much you were struggling , to take a moment of pause ?

Were you able to quite your mind ?

Still making excuses , for why you can’t do?

Can you give one word for the moment you took for yourself ?

Stay calm and blessed.

blaahs to aahas
This is a part of HAPPY MONDAY blog  series.
Being happy is not always easy, though. It can be one of the greatest challenges that we face and can sometimes take all the determination, persistence & self-discipline that we can muster. Maturity means taking responsibility for our own happiness and choosing to concentrate on what we have got rather than on what we do not have.
Trying to turn your Monday blaahhs into Monday aaahhs  🙂
Do let us know, how it is working for  you ? 

No more blues only happy – happy  hues  🙂

I am a peaceful soul

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