Raise your knight. Fight the night.


What is this nasty thing about night time that makes us more vulnerable to discouragement, fear and negative thoughts ? Is it just the darkness ?

What is so upsetting about the arguments and loss of anger that makes us too weak, crippled and set illusions in our mind ? Is it just the heat ?
Is there any association between evil and the darkness of night ? We may find we are able to cope up whatever happens during the day but really struggle at night, similarly the way we feel we are strong enough to take care of ourselves but terribly break down when there is a setback.
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What I feel is we have accepted the goodies life (the day) is offering that we feel weary and tired the moment , monsters show up (darkness sets in). During the day we are the best , the nicest and the strongest person but during the night we lower our guard and prepare to drop off to sleep. Monsters know this. They slowly creep in and shake us. They know this is the time we are not wearing our guard , we are susceptible to their attack.
So what is the solution ? Do we have to be on alert during the night also ? When we will charge ourselves ? At times setback gives us the most precious lessons , but we can’t afford such a huge price. Then, how will we guard ourselves from these monsters ?
Answer is FAITH.
a) Faith In God
b) Faith In Time
c) Faith In Karma
d) Faith In Yourself.
You have only 4 choices here, you have to choose the one. Have faith in the one that you full belief in and the one you worship.

 By using the faith in the Word of the supreme invisible strength, we can defeat every onslaught of the enemy – even in our weakest hours. 

If we have not armed ourselves with the Word and spent some time in prayer (acknowledging and remembering the supreme invisible strength) we will fall for Monster’s plan when he brings to mind some troublesome event of the day, causing us to think to ourselves, Why did I say that ? How could I be so insensitive?
What are monsters for ? To disturb our thoughts and rob us of the peaceful rest our bodies need. One of their tricks is to cause us to focus on the problems of the day, suggesting that we must immediately – in the middle of the night – determine the best way to settle the issue.
Perhaps we spoke hastily or didn’t respond kindly to someone’s  need. Someone my have spoken unkindly to us. The issues are often things that probably could have been handled better. But as these monsters wages there battle in the dark of night, those little things seems to take on importance and urgency – so much so we believe we will  never sleep unless we settle the issue immediately.
When these monsters try to pull that night time trick on you say – ” I will deal with this issue in the morning, when the sun is shining. After I have rested I can cope.”
Surrender your demons to the faith you have chosen. Raise your knight, fight the night.
Tell me how it works for you ?

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I am a peaceful soul


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