Want to talk but running out of topics?

Have you seen Vodafone ad (to enjoy uninterrupted conversations) where that boy is in love for the first time? (apparently!!) He is just talking and talking and talking all day and all night.

Sweet ^_^ .

Have a look at these 5 amazing weirdo ideas. They are practical, though.
Have a look at these 5 amazing weirdo ideas. They are practical, though.

We all have done, or we all will do the same at the beginning of such mushy-mushy love relationships (and would be lucky if we get some unlimited talk time along with network coverage… 🙂 )

Now, what will you do when you will run out of topics and do not have anything to talk to ? Except your regular happenings – who said to whom, what was for breakfast or dinner , what you were wearing, why you are upset, oh my God this is my favorite ….. etc etc ..

So here I am for your rescue, (LOL ) with some 5 stupid but workable tips at least I guarantee those yawning will be lessen.


Whether you believe in this or not, this idea will provide a good lengthy conversation between you. What all you have to do is to share them daily or every other day via SMS, whats app, twitter, e-mail or any other means. When you feel out of stock, open these notes and discuss. Find the written traits in your partner appreciate and rekindle together.

You can also try hands on free horoscopes or tarot card reading. But make sure that such conversations are for fun only; the idea is to bond well not to fight or get washed by believing in such things.


Passion that you have for yourself, your relation and life, something that makes you feel alive … not merely for money but for soul. With the energy you will be sharing your passion, I am sure the other person will start building castles for you (be blessed, even if the person dreams this for you) . Love is also a passion, and passion for anything feels better when shared.

Terry Goodkind has quoted ,

“Love is a passion for life shared with another person. You fall in love with a person who you think is wonderful. It’s your deepest appreciation of the value of that individual, and that individual is a reflection of what you value most in life. Love, for sound reasons, can be one of life’s greatest rewards.”

(Terry is an American science and literature fiction author.)


Have a fun night ! Enact some famous couples from media , not those you know in real life. Take up a situation or pick any scene from films or television soaps and get started. Add your own dialogues, give it your personal touch while being in character.

Try Kareena Kappor – Saif Ali Khan , Angelina Jolie – Brad Pitt, Kate – Prince Williams or The Obama couple.


This HAS TO BE FUN and much more. Take turns , one will ask one word questions and other will answer them by what directly comes into their mind.

Example – If someone ask me ‘mobile phone’ at this moment, ‘whats app’ will be my prompt answer.
Hey, don’t take time to think either with questions or answer be as quick as you can be.


Ahem Ahem !! when you are in a relationship and serious about it , you should not be having any secrets between you two. I am here not protesting to just open up your long buried suitcase and tell your partner each and everything … it’s is a personal matter and decision like this should be taken well thought of and wisely. (take care of environmental conditions, as they impact a lot).

What I am talking about is to have fun while sharing about your funny secrets. Everybody has a weird side. (Oh yes, I am making a statement without any study , based only on my experiences.)
To explain this more, let me share few of my secrets. It takes me 3-4 hours to fall asleep , daily. Some nights when I am upset and can’t sleep at all, I put my earphones, play music on full volume and just dance. I can dance for hours until I feel drained and crash on bed. Share such funny secrets while being creative, play with them like telling a very interesting story and see where does the conversation goes.


Falling in love is easy. Engrossed in sweet, lovely , senseless conversations is also easy But we all know this phase won’t last long, seriousness hijacks those mushy- blushy moments. The secrets of a happy relationship are to keep progressing. While it is mandatory to move forward and grow it is equally important to keep it exciting and fun. Maintain the charm.

Till then, spread love. Have fun and keep on talking.

– Mahie

One Peaceful Soul


PS : This article was originally written  by me and published here : http://goo.gl/pGtrKR

Image Source : Background image by flicker.com, free for commercial use and re modify. Reworked by me.



Hey , if you have some more fun ideas or if you have tried these, please share your experiences. It will be more fun.


3 thoughts on “Want to talk but running out of topics?

      1. I’m not doing that — yet — I’m still writing for other sites and this is a free group, because I like creative writing and it helps to be a better writer, so you’ll have a website?

        Go for it! I’ve done that too, years back and it was a lot of fun, too, there’s something about “owning/renting” your own space, that’s totally different. You’ll do well.

        Hugs – miss you!


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