2015 extended weekend list – what are your plans?


Just 2 weeks and we will successfully reach 2015. How amazing is that? On a personal note 2014 is the year, that I have no idea where it went. As we are approaching towards 2015, the excitement, joy and hope can be felt every where. New Year symbolizes new beginnings and I guess like me, you must also be receiving 2015 holiday list.

2015 holiday list is out and the buzz it has created is enormous. 2015 has 8 long weekends !! We Indians are crazy about Diwali break, its homecoming and purely family time. If someone can manage to get some days off from work, the lucky one can enjoy 9 days off at a stretch. And if you are smart and strategic enough you can get utilize some casual leaves and have 58 days of travel.

The holiday list can bring a spark in your eyes and you clap your hands in sudden amuse. Indeed a good thing. I see this as a good opportunity when you can get those things done that otherwise will get buried under the long to-do list, including all imaginable excuses.

A new year, a new beginning. Arm yourself with a pen, take out the planner and make your bucket list. You have got the “me time” now, and yes you can do that.

My list of things to get done in 2015:

1. Trip to Leh – Ladakh, on my own.
2. Learn and actually start driving.
3. One adventure activity every month.

I have a precise list of things to get done and I promise I will be sharing with you all. Have you worked on your list? 2015 is the time to use these holidays well. Get things done, work to make your dreams come true.

Have a happy 2015.

PS: This snow clad beautiful picture is from Gulmarg, Kashmir, clicked on my last holiday.


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