Before I die

I would love to live complete 100 years in this life.

And, I love lists. You can find me listing things on my mobile phone ‘notes’ or on my laptop or even on the back of some bill in my pocket.
Reason is simple – I tend to forget things and these lists make me on track.

10 things I want to do before I die.

This is Part 1 of the possible series of posts I would come up. There won’t be just 10 things I would want to do before I die, but till now let me pen down top 10 on my mind now. They may look like freshly out of a dream, but who knows I may achieve some of them or all of them!

1. Put Indian tricolor tattoo on my cheeks and freak out in city on all 3 National Holidays.

I love my nation and I love our tricolor national flag. Once I have worn tricolor scarf, and experimented wearing tricolor bangles to my workplace (everyone was so excited).

I am not a sports fan – no cricket or football for me. Also I don’t like tattoos or body paints (not even nail paints). But for once I want to paint the Indian tricolor on my cheeks and roam (freak out !!) in whole city on all the 3 national holidays.

2. Rush into a taxi and yell … follow that car.

Filmy isn’t . LOL .. Just imagine how fun it would be . Come running out of some café , rush into a yellow taxi and yell (with your full power) at the driver – Follow that car. Come on … Go fast . yeah !!

3. Dance with the love of my life on my favourite ‘candle light song.’

I am not going to disclose which one is my favourite ‘candle light song’ . (As if it deals something with top most privacy and security issues , of some unimaginable sorts !!)

Before I die, I want to dance on this particular song with the love of my life, while standing on top of his feet. Totally lost in the lyrics and each other’s eyes.
Hey you, better be good at balancing.


4. I want someone to capture in a camera me while blushing without me noticing it.

Ahh ! Similar to those pictures, flooded on internet. Want to see myself from the eyes of ‘someone’ , how it is to be simply being yourself and savouring each and every moment of LIFE

5. Run a marathon

If you ask – Half or full marathon? I will say – anyone. I am not a runner. I am good at walking, can walk up to 10 kilometers a day. My average pedometer reading on any given day is 18, 000 + steps.

One day I will run 🙂

6.Have an extended holiday first in Himalayas and then at the beach resort.

Preferably, around New Year. (some New Year)

7. Go Bungee jumping

Did I tell you my love for adventure sports and craziness to spend a day at amusement parks? I have done cliff jumping (not much height) and would love to do bungee jumping.

8. Make a year desktop calendar (all 365 days) with some beautiful quotes/song lyrics/pictures/goals written for each day for the love of my life.

Hey, you ‘someone’, you should read this article before meeting me. This way it would be easy for you to know, when to show ‘genuine’ expressions of being surprised.

9. Sing few songs in Spanish.

I am not good at singing and I don’t know Spanish. But, will sing some day.

10. I want to meet the girl who should be somewhere in this world, born on the same day as me and should look like me!!

They say – there are 7 people in this world who look exactly like you. I don’t know it’s a myth or there are some real examples to back it. I wanted to meet , any one of them (who looks like me) . If the person (a girl) shares same birthday would be a whopping bonus .

What are the things you want to do before you die?

Do you think I would be able to achieve all of them, before I die? I think 6-7 of them a pretty much achievable, soon.

Wish me luck.



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