Say hello to your own dreams.

Because everyone today is struggling with BIG expectations and along with it screwed in maintaining BIG vocabularies, Stress and Depression have emerged as BIG demons.  Every other person is haunted by them, these days.

Keep it simple, keep it true. Be honest with your dreams and desires.

Let them, be your dreams.

Let them, be your goals

…and not Gandhi’s, Paulo’s, Robin’s, Steve’s, Mandela’s, Oprah’s, Papa’s, that kid on the block, her’s or his …

Let them be yours. Learn their method. Read why they did.

Just don’t borrow their dreams.. Let your’s breathe..

Say Hello


2015 is the year of Mental health and awareness. You might never know the power of a simple hello or a innocent smile to someone. But for them it could be all the strength in the world packaged beautifully in your warm words / smile.

Make someone feel healthy today.

Say Hello.



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