Meditation is disturbing my sleep. I am struggling to be still.

“ I am struggling so much to settle, sit still and switch off. I keep trying but I am finding it hard. This issue is the main reason I want meditation in my life as not being able to switch off at the end of the day effects my sleep. Any advice?” – SarahC


I am new to meditation and onto my 100 days meditation streak. I can now meditate easily from 30 to 45 minutes, daily. This is certainly not my first time that I have shown interest in meditation but the first successful attempt (In last 3 years!!) and I am all grateful, I got a mentor who has pushed me and embraced me through my pain, anxiety, struggle and depression. She is still not leaving me. 🙂

The above question was asked on an app support forum by the mentioned username. In case you are struggling with the same situation trying to be still and thoughtless while meditating and desiring to have a good peaceful day and blessed by a sound sleep, I request you to please give me your next 1 minute.

I meditate early morning by chanting ‘OM’. Let me tell you honestly, here, it is difficult to sit still and be thoughtless at the start. It may take months or even years of practice to achieve this ultimate phase.

Why do you meditate? Answer yourself first, without firing your search engine on browser and looking for its benefits. I understand you may not be precisely clear about your reason to meditate, but it can be anything or everything from these:

  1. Endure strength to bear pain (emotional, mental, physical)
  2. To be able to control your thoughts and channelize positive energy.
  3. To be stress free.
  4. To be able to listen your inner voice.
  5. To seek peace.

Thought is matter. How we start our day is critical and it defines how we will spend the entire day. Meditation helps to control our thoughts and ‘be better’. Meditation works on three levels BODY  –  MIND – SOUL.


First you have to let go things, thoughts, words, incidents, people, surroundings and everything that bother you. Strengthen yourself to detach from them. Most often people assume that everything will be magically alright with them and in their surroundings, since they have started meditating. They overly expect to see the difference from the day one. Please remember, you are working on yourself, thus only you will be changed and not them. People will bombard you with negative thoughts, let them, but you stay there, don’t be affected. This is a cleansing process and may take days or a month. Make sure that you do not break the streak and let this cleansing process be over. Practice it daily.

When you clean your body you have to dispose the trash. By default your trash bin is your MIND, which is full of negative thoughts and memories.  As trash bin is full, you cannot accommodate new thoughts in it.

During cleansing process, the trash throwing out will be in form of anxiety, anger, heavy sweating, mood swings, stress, headaches, body aches, nausea and diarrhea. Everything toxic for first few days will pass out through natural gateways. This is normal. This has to happen. Don’t lose your sleep over such behavior. Your body is shedding such a heavy baggage that you have accumulated from so many years, from childhood!!?? Distress meditation is causing you at this phase is the part of its healing. Your mind has to be empty first then only it will be able to fill up again.

Once the toxic thoughts (energies) are out, you can then fill your mind with happy, beautiful, content, success and loving thoughts you desire. When you are healed you will then be able to ‘be better’ and ‘be focused’ because then you will be doing meditation right.

Now body and mind are checked. Practicing it daily (bonus if you can do it at the same time, at the same place) will bring magical results.


Now once you have cleaned and controlled your body (dressing) and mind (accessories) you then will work on soul. Soul will take long time. Meditating daily will help you to be still, relax and focus; eventually soul will also get benefits.

Dear Sarah,

The struggle you are facing to settle, sit still and switch off is basically the first step of healing. I request you to not be scared of these emotions. Their shelf life is very small and they will leave your mind soon. Stay strong and meditate daily. Do not quit, your efforts have just started to show the results. You have trusted meditation will help you, now have faith and surrender, things will fall into place.

Have a peaceful day.



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