Thank you for dropping by! 🙂

I just wanted to thank you for visiting my ‘peaceful’ blog. It means a lot to me.

Who – me ?


I am in my 20s (okay, passing through 20s) who believe life is not a spectator sport. I aim to play this game passionately. The reward should be – Love and Peace; the 2 entities (can’t dare to call them – things) we all in this universe long for (Interestingly, they are omnipresent inside us in abundance !!)

I am in love with words and have a good appetite for books, blogs and twitter feeds. I am a woman who reckons to be a super human being and manages to make my world blissful and beautiful.  (Confession time – little bit tendency of fragile emotions. But I am evolving. Transformation is ON.)

I am a analyst and coach by profession. Writing and dancing gratify my soul. A wonderer and a wandered, I am the girl you will not find at the next door.


Hope you would like to join the conversation over here.

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If you like what you read here, I  would  love for you to stick around and really become a free spirit soul  by sharing your experiences, learning, tips with us (fellow peaceful souls and me on this blog community). So whatever you have to say, I want to hear it.

Hope together we can keep our peaceful conversations, fun too. If you like what I  have got going on here (or you want to spread some kind words), you may want to connect with twitter,facebook or instagram.

Love Always
One Peaceful Soul


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