5 favorite proposal lines from movies

5 favorite proposal from movies

I am a die hard romantic person and very conventional while expressing my love for my special one.

This is the list of my favorite 5 movie proposal lines of all times .


This is my all time favorite movie. The one which can surely gives anyone goosebumps. Do you remember the scene where Jack is telling Rose (on that floating door in that frozen sea) – never let go.

This is my favorite proposal line. I have even practiced this so many time – in case someone chose this for me , I should have an epic ready made expression .. ha ha .. Here is the that dialog [ I love the way Jack says – you are the most amazingly, astounding , wonderful girl , woman I’ve ever known. ]

” Jack : Rose, you’re no picnic, all right? You’re a spoiled little brat, even, but under that, you’re the most amazingly, astounding, wonderful girl, woman that I’ve ever known… I’m not an idiot, I know how the world works. I’ve got ten bucks in my pocket, I have no-nothing to offer you and I know that. I understand. But I’m too involved now. You jump, I jump remember? I can’t turn away without knowing you’ll be all right… That’s all that I want. “



I love Julia Roberts and I love Richard Gere. I love writing and I can associate with the sentiments of Runaway Bride. The movie and the conversations has to be on my favorite list.

This proposal line was said twice , first by Richard to Julia in the most loving and assuring fashion. The perfect way a man can assured his woman that she is safe , secure and will always be loved. Second time when Julia says this to Richard. She was all scared but knows what she is doing. Her voice had her commitment.

Here is the one for you –

” I guarantee there’ll be tough times. I guarantee that at some point, one or both of us is gonna want to get out of this thing. But I also guarantee that if I don’t ask you to be mine, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life, because I know, in my heart, you’re the only one for me. “

runaway bridw


Boy meet girls. Appreciate them. Get their trust .. sleep over and gone. Girl waits for the one , who can be with her and love her through out. She wants to be with ONE through every thick and thin. This Boy met this GIRl ..And ahh !! girl’s heart broke. He gets haunted by his past girlfriend’s ghost and realized ‘this girl’s ‘ love.
He wants her back . He said this and .. you can guess , her answer 🙂

” When you wake up in the morning , I promise I will be there every time with you.”

ghosts of girlfriends past


Julia Roberts again !! .. This is a ;lovely movie . A must watch where a shop owner and a hollywood star fell in love with each other . Once American and one British. These two conversations are just so lovely . Anna showed all her love for William in these two .. her eyes said that all. (one is mentioned below and second is at the end in press conference ..when William asks her to reconsider him)

” After all… I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”

notting hill


Based on Nicholas Sparks book, it has all the romantic ingredients what his books have. A touching love story of teenagers , who don’t want to end up just like that … Love is never boastful nor conceited, it is just the innocence in which Landon asks Jamie . Here is the most simplest yet most touching proposal of the life time .

“Landon: Do you love me?, Will you do something for me, then?
Jamie: (smiles) Anything.
Landon: Will you marry me?
Jamie smiles and kisses him.“

a walk to remember

Which one is your favorite? Any special connection !!




Want to talk but running out of topics?

Have you seen Vodafone ad (to enjoy uninterrupted conversations) where that boy is in love for the first time? (apparently!!) He is just talking and talking and talking all day and all night.

Sweet ^_^ .

Have a look at these 5 amazing weirdo ideas. They are practical, though.
Have a look at these 5 amazing weirdo ideas. They are practical, though.

We all have done, or we all will do the same at the beginning of such mushy-mushy love relationships (and would be lucky if we get some unlimited talk time along with network coverage… 🙂 )

Now, what will you do when you will run out of topics and do not have anything to talk to ? Except your regular happenings – who said to whom, what was for breakfast or dinner , what you were wearing, why you are upset, oh my God this is my favorite ….. etc etc ..

So here I am for your rescue, (LOL ) with some 5 stupid but workable tips at least I guarantee those yawning will be lessen.


Whether you believe in this or not, this idea will provide a good lengthy conversation between you. What all you have to do is to share them daily or every other day via SMS, whats app, twitter, e-mail or any other means. When you feel out of stock, open these notes and discuss. Find the written traits in your partner appreciate and rekindle together.

You can also try hands on free horoscopes or tarot card reading. But make sure that such conversations are for fun only; the idea is to bond well not to fight or get washed by believing in such things.


Passion that you have for yourself, your relation and life, something that makes you feel alive … not merely for money but for soul. With the energy you will be sharing your passion, I am sure the other person will start building castles for you (be blessed, even if the person dreams this for you) . Love is also a passion, and passion for anything feels better when shared.

Terry Goodkind has quoted ,

“Love is a passion for life shared with another person. You fall in love with a person who you think is wonderful. It’s your deepest appreciation of the value of that individual, and that individual is a reflection of what you value most in life. Love, for sound reasons, can be one of life’s greatest rewards.”

(Terry is an American science and literature fiction author.)


Have a fun night ! Enact some famous couples from media , not those you know in real life. Take up a situation or pick any scene from films or television soaps and get started. Add your own dialogues, give it your personal touch while being in character.

Try Kareena Kappor – Saif Ali Khan , Angelina Jolie – Brad Pitt, Kate – Prince Williams or The Obama couple.


This HAS TO BE FUN and much more. Take turns , one will ask one word questions and other will answer them by what directly comes into their mind.

Example – If someone ask me ‘mobile phone’ at this moment, ‘whats app’ will be my prompt answer.
Hey, don’t take time to think either with questions or answer be as quick as you can be.


Ahem Ahem !! when you are in a relationship and serious about it , you should not be having any secrets between you two. I am here not protesting to just open up your long buried suitcase and tell your partner each and everything … it’s is a personal matter and decision like this should be taken well thought of and wisely. (take care of environmental conditions, as they impact a lot).

What I am talking about is to have fun while sharing about your funny secrets. Everybody has a weird side. (Oh yes, I am making a statement without any study , based only on my experiences.)
To explain this more, let me share few of my secrets. It takes me 3-4 hours to fall asleep , daily. Some nights when I am upset and can’t sleep at all, I put my earphones, play music on full volume and just dance. I can dance for hours until I feel drained and crash on bed. Share such funny secrets while being creative, play with them like telling a very interesting story and see where does the conversation goes.


Falling in love is easy. Engrossed in sweet, lovely , senseless conversations is also easy But we all know this phase won’t last long, seriousness hijacks those mushy- blushy moments. The secrets of a happy relationship are to keep progressing. While it is mandatory to move forward and grow it is equally important to keep it exciting and fun. Maintain the charm.

Till then, spread love. Have fun and keep on talking.

– Mahie

One Peaceful Soul


PS : This article was originally written  by me and published here : http://goo.gl/pGtrKR

Image Source : Background image by flicker.com, free for commercial use and re modify. Reworked by me.



Hey , if you have some more fun ideas or if you have tried these, please share your experiences. It will be more fun.

Raise your knight. Fight the night.


What is this nasty thing about night time that makes us more vulnerable to discouragement, fear and negative thoughts ? Is it just the darkness ?

What is so upsetting about the arguments and loss of anger that makes us too weak, crippled and set illusions in our mind ? Is it just the heat ?
Is there any association between evil and the darkness of night ? We may find we are able to cope up whatever happens during the day but really struggle at night, similarly the way we feel we are strong enough to take care of ourselves but terribly break down when there is a setback.
images (20)
What I feel is we have accepted the goodies life (the day) is offering that we feel weary and tired the moment , monsters show up (darkness sets in). During the day we are the best , the nicest and the strongest person but during the night we lower our guard and prepare to drop off to sleep. Monsters know this. They slowly creep in and shake us. They know this is the time we are not wearing our guard , we are susceptible to their attack.
So what is the solution ? Do we have to be on alert during the night also ? When we will charge ourselves ? At times setback gives us the most precious lessons , but we can’t afford such a huge price. Then, how will we guard ourselves from these monsters ?
Answer is FAITH.
a) Faith In God
b) Faith In Time
c) Faith In Karma
d) Faith In Yourself.
You have only 4 choices here, you have to choose the one. Have faith in the one that you full belief in and the one you worship.

 By using the faith in the Word of the supreme invisible strength, we can defeat every onslaught of the enemy – even in our weakest hours. 

If we have not armed ourselves with the Word and spent some time in prayer (acknowledging and remembering the supreme invisible strength) we will fall for Monster’s plan when he brings to mind some troublesome event of the day, causing us to think to ourselves, Why did I say that ? How could I be so insensitive?
What are monsters for ? To disturb our thoughts and rob us of the peaceful rest our bodies need. One of their tricks is to cause us to focus on the problems of the day, suggesting that we must immediately – in the middle of the night – determine the best way to settle the issue.
Perhaps we spoke hastily or didn’t respond kindly to someone’s  need. Someone my have spoken unkindly to us. The issues are often things that probably could have been handled better. But as these monsters wages there battle in the dark of night, those little things seems to take on importance and urgency – so much so we believe we will  never sleep unless we settle the issue immediately.
When these monsters try to pull that night time trick on you say – ” I will deal with this issue in the morning, when the sun is shining. After I have rested I can cope.”
Surrender your demons to the faith you have chosen. Raise your knight, fight the night.
Tell me how it works for you ?

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I am a peaceful soul

Persistence lessons from a chinese bamboo

We get up from our bed, savor our coffee, take a shower, pull up our socks and get ready to do the next great things !!

We have our dreams. We set our challenges. We fight. We run. We love. We cry. We crib. We quit.

Why ?

We do everything we can, invest our time, efforts and faith to achieve our set goals but then when things going a bit rough why do we give up? And fortunately when things (most probably with a variant) start falling into place we say – “Now, my luck has started showing !”, “It was destined to happen this way at this time.” etc etc..

Be it in personal goals, professional challenges or relationship blues, we put in our efforts but eventually when we don’t see output we withdraw ourselves in all the manners we can.

With hardwork , patience and persistence are also required. Nature has his own way to tell us the secrets. Read on to learn about this one.

Bamboo culture is deeply rooted in the daily life of the Chinese.  Tall and graceful with luxuriant foliage, bamboo is an ideal plant for household courtyards and parks. You can find bamboo just about everywhere in China as long as it can be grown

Unlike most other plants, Chinese bamboo is quite unique on its own. When this bamboo is planted, watered, and nurtured for the whole growing season, it does not outwardly develop even just for an inch. Then, on the next growing season, the farmer must continue to irrigate, fertilize and care for the bamboo tree and yet nothing happens – it fails to sprout just the same.

And as the seasons go in and out, the farmer has to continue caring for the bamboo for four consecutive years. What could really be discouraging is the farmer has nothing substantial to demonstrate for all of his labor in caring and growing the tree. Four lonely years of hard work and caring and yet you have nothing!

And then on the fifth year, something so amazing and incredible Happens!

All the hard work seems to be paid off on the fifth year because that Chinese bamboo tree seed at last grows and not just growing as we normally see with other plants. The bamboo tree shoots up to more than 80 feet all in just one growing season! Now, that is a very astonishing demonstration of the power of nature!

Now, you might be thinking: Did the small tree choose to be inactive for four years and then just decides to grow dramatically on the fifth? I think the answer is quite clear for us to see. The little tree was actually developing itself underground by expanding its root system to make it tough enough to sustain its impending external growth in the fifth year and even beyond.

Now, had the tree failed to build up a strong and able underground foundation, it would be impossible for it to keep on growing when it is time to sprout outside into the outside world.

A great lesson of patience, persistence and hard work can be learn from the story of planting Chinese bamboo.

This story is very much true in our bid to achieve our goals – in our academics, relationships, body, jobs etc. we have to patiently exert efforts in self-discipline, develop the right values and adopt stronger character while at the same time defeat many difficulties and different challenges.

Persistence Pays !!

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Roll up your sleeves. Don’t lose your focus.

 Ever wonder how much the long flowing robes of ancient Rome or Indian emperors have hindered their strenuous actions ? They must have felt uncomfortable or messy in such ‘costume’ when they were on the pitch fighting wars. The grace and royalty would have vanished in no time. Out of my weird imagination the broad belt they wore around their waist for when they wanted to move into action they shortened their robes by pulling them up inside their belts. Something similar to the phrase – ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES.

This phrase serves as a serious call of action – a reminder that when we lose our focus , it’s time to do some serious thinking.

Staying  too busy can result in an abnormal mind as opposed to a normal mind. Another way the devil attacks your normal mind is by causing your thoughts to wander. It’s a mental attack. If you do not discipline your mind to remain focused on what is important, the devil will cause it to wander aimlessly to other things.
When this inability to concentrate  goes on for a while, you may begin to wander if there is something wrong with your mind. What you often fail to realize is that hen you allow your mind to wander too long it becomes a deeply rooted bad habit. You may not be eating properly. Or you may become excessively fatigued. Learn that when you are excessively tired, negative thoughts try to attack your mind because they know it’s more difficult to resist them during those times.
Sometimes a lack of concentration creates a lack of comprehension. Perhaps you are reading a book, you find yourself hurrying to get through so you can do something else. Out of sense of duty/responsibility you are determined to finish reading a chapter – and you do. But when you are finished, you can’t recall anything you read. Your eyes scanned the pages, but your mind was engaged somewhere else.
Perhaps you even experienced this battle for your mind in a meeting/lecture/conference. You attend them regularly , you fully engross yourself in listening to what’s being shared , then you suddenly.
If negative thoughts can rob you the benefits of reading hearing , they will win the fight !! That’s why the phrase is ‘roll up your sleeves’ . Gather all your thoughts, focus and take action.

Confront your wandering mind and disciplining it to focus on what is important.


In conversations we all at times fake when we realize our mind has wandered. Deal with them honestly , when appropriate ask ” would you please back up and repeat that ?” Your one honest question will not only interrupts the plan of negative thoughts in your mind but also bring victory over this recurrent problem.
It’s not easy to discipline your mind when it has been allowed to wander aimlessly, but you can do it. When you discover your thoughts have gone out of track, you must make necessary corrections. The negative thoughts will try to convince you that you can’t help yourself, but when you consistently come against their bid for your mind, they are defeated and you have won another battle.

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Happy Monday : Secret – make better decisions.

Have you ever been at a decision point and didn’t know which way to go?

You know those moments in life where the stakes are high and you have no room for error. How often do you treat life like that game show where your best decision making options are to phone a friend, flip a coin, or use the process of elimination?

It really doesn’t matter what you are trying to decide or how overwhelmed you are from the options.

We make choices all day long. Small choices like what to wear and which road to drive. Some days we make huge life changing choices like changing jobs, following a life long dream, allowing love, starting a healthy behavior, or standing up for someone else.

There’s a secret to making great decisions.

It’s a simple thing to understand but don’t be fooled by the simplicity. Depending on how resistant you are to the concept, it may take a lifetime to master this technique. Some people live their entire life and never master the ability to make better decisions. Yes, like many things in life, making better decisions is easier said than done.

The sooner you are ready to allow the simplicity of this secret, the sooner you will know how to make better decisions.

The good news is you already have what it takes within you to make better decisions every day.

You are the expert on what a good decision means to you. No matter how rational or emotional you usually are in your decisions, you can use this secret to make better decisions. No one can ever really tell you what to do for you. You are the most qualified person to decide what the best decision is for you. It doesn’t even matter how outrageously horrible your decisions have been in the past. If you are willing to use this information to make better decisions more consistently, you will notice positive changes in yourself and your life.

If you own this truth and your power to choose, you are already learning how to make better decisions. But that’s not the secret.

The secret to making better decisions is to make every one of your decisions from your soul’s space of purpose, peace, power, confidence and joy.

Think about it. When you make decisions from a place of fear or anger, you make fearful and angry decisions. When you make a decision from doubt, uncertainty, you make really awful, regretful and personally unsatisfying decisions. Every decision you have ever made to give your personal power away created a less than great result for you. You walked away feeling taken advantage of, shamed, or foolish. You regret something you said or didn’t say. Maybe you wanted to ask for a “do over” Well I can’t give you a do over but I can show you how to do better.

Think of what you want from your decisions.

You want decisions that create meaningful and satisfactory results. You want to make decisions that bring you peace and harmony and joy and happiness. You want to feel powerful because of the decisions you make. You’re not a jerk so you respect your power and you use your decisions to be of service to others and help them help themselves. You want to be able to see all the possibilities so that you don’t miss out on any of the best choices. And all this happens when you know how to make better decisions. So make better decisions.

Check in with yourself and move back to that good decision space before you decide.

Think of it this way; let’s say you make better decisions in your living room than you do your kitchen. Take a look around to see what room you are standing in before you make a decision. If you are in the kitchen, move to the living room. Simple? Of course it is when it sounds like a physical location.

Emotionally you must be willing to check in with yourself and know exactly how to quickly and consistently move back to that space- that room where you show up as your most powerful purposeful self. Move to that space where you consistently feel confident and joyful. How do you make better decisions?


Make all you’re your decisions from that space in your soul where your most powerful purposeful self lives.


Source : Shared by a friend via email


blaahs to aahas
This is a part of HAPPY MONDAY blog  series.
Being happy is not always easy, though. It can be one of the greatest challenges that we face and can sometimes take all the determination, persistence & self-discipline that we can muster. Maturity means taking responsibility for our own happiness and choosing to concentrate on what we have got rather than on what we do not have.
Trying to turn your Monday blaahhs into Monday aaahhs  🙂
Do let us know, how it is working for  you ? 
No more blues only happy – happy  hues  🙂

I am a peaceful soul
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