Presence of an absence


Why emptiness feel so heavy? Why the presence of an absence lay so heavy on bones? Why there is so longing feeling and burning a pit in stomach? Why does someone’s departure leave a dent like footprints in your life? Why focusing on everything else make more room for emptiness? Why the presence of an absence make everything else distant going on?


Meditation is disturbing my sleep. I am struggling to be still.

“ I am struggling so much to settle, sit still and switch off. I keep trying but I am finding it hard. This issue is the main reason I want meditation in my life as not being able to switch off at the end of the day effects my sleep. Any advice?” – SarahC


I am new to meditation and onto my 100 days meditation streak. I can now meditate easily from 30 to 45 minutes, daily. This is certainly not my first time that I have shown interest in meditation but the first successful attempt (In last 3 years!!) and I am all grateful, I got a mentor who has pushed me and embraced me through my pain, anxiety, struggle and depression. She is still not leaving me. 🙂

The above question was asked on an app support forum by the mentioned username. In case you are struggling with the same situation trying to be still and thoughtless while meditating and desiring to have a good peaceful day and blessed by a sound sleep, I request you to please give me your next 1 minute.

I meditate early morning by chanting ‘OM’. Let me tell you honestly, here, it is difficult to sit still and be thoughtless at the start. It may take months or even years of practice to achieve this ultimate phase.

Why do you meditate? Answer yourself first, without firing your search engine on browser and looking for its benefits. I understand you may not be precisely clear about your reason to meditate, but it can be anything or everything from these:

  1. Endure strength to bear pain (emotional, mental, physical)
  2. To be able to control your thoughts and channelize positive energy.
  3. To be stress free.
  4. To be able to listen your inner voice.
  5. To seek peace.

Thought is matter. How we start our day is critical and it defines how we will spend the entire day. Meditation helps to control our thoughts and ‘be better’. Meditation works on three levels BODY  –  MIND – SOUL.


First you have to let go things, thoughts, words, incidents, people, surroundings and everything that bother you. Strengthen yourself to detach from them. Most often people assume that everything will be magically alright with them and in their surroundings, since they have started meditating. They overly expect to see the difference from the day one. Please remember, you are working on yourself, thus only you will be changed and not them. People will bombard you with negative thoughts, let them, but you stay there, don’t be affected. This is a cleansing process and may take days or a month. Make sure that you do not break the streak and let this cleansing process be over. Practice it daily.

When you clean your body you have to dispose the trash. By default your trash bin is your MIND, which is full of negative thoughts and memories.  As trash bin is full, you cannot accommodate new thoughts in it.

During cleansing process, the trash throwing out will be in form of anxiety, anger, heavy sweating, mood swings, stress, headaches, body aches, nausea and diarrhea. Everything toxic for first few days will pass out through natural gateways. This is normal. This has to happen. Don’t lose your sleep over such behavior. Your body is shedding such a heavy baggage that you have accumulated from so many years, from childhood!!?? Distress meditation is causing you at this phase is the part of its healing. Your mind has to be empty first then only it will be able to fill up again.

Once the toxic thoughts (energies) are out, you can then fill your mind with happy, beautiful, content, success and loving thoughts you desire. When you are healed you will then be able to ‘be better’ and ‘be focused’ because then you will be doing meditation right.

Now body and mind are checked. Practicing it daily (bonus if you can do it at the same time, at the same place) will bring magical results.


Now once you have cleaned and controlled your body (dressing) and mind (accessories) you then will work on soul. Soul will take long time. Meditating daily will help you to be still, relax and focus; eventually soul will also get benefits.

Dear Sarah,

The struggle you are facing to settle, sit still and switch off is basically the first step of healing. I request you to not be scared of these emotions. Their shelf life is very small and they will leave your mind soon. Stay strong and meditate daily. Do not quit, your efforts have just started to show the results. You have trusted meditation will help you, now have faith and surrender, things will fall into place.

Have a peaceful day.


How to correctly use a hair mask?

Okay, this is not exactly an art that you should be expert on. It is not a big deal, if you do not know how to use a hair mask; it won’t ruin your tresses. But result will not be as fabulous as what your hair mask has promised you.

how to correctly use a hair mask

Here I am helping you with some type of hair masks and the best way to use them.

Restore and condition hair mask

Why to use “Restore and condition hair masks” ?
Restoring and Conditioning hair masks are used when tresses need a healthy moisturising drink. They condition your hair with all the health supplements your hair need and thus promoting your strands to grow in, starting from the scalp.

How to apply?
These kinds of hair masks should be applied on DRY HAIR. If you apply them on wet hair, the results will be not be astounding as water in wet hair will dilute the product. Restoring product should be applied to scalp and the conditioning product should be applied to the length of your strands being very generous on ends.

Some Restore and Conditioning home-made hair masks : – Avocado hair mask | Coconut cream hair mask | Honey hair mask | Olive Oil hair mask | Egg hair mask.

Intensive conditioning hair mask

Why to use “Intensive conditioning masks” ?
Damage due to pollution, stress and chemicals may have let your hair fried or feel like broom. Such hair screams for extra care and intensive conditioning treatment.

How to apply?
These kinds of hair masks should be applied on WET HAIR. Water in wet hair will swell the strands, increasing the absorbing limit of your hair. After application you can wrap your hair with warm towel to give them some heat. Alternatively you can also wear a shower cap and sit under the heater. Heat will swell or spread your hair more; hence they will increase the absorbing limit much more.

Some Intensive Conditioning home-made hair masks : -Oatmeal Hair Mask | Egg and Yoghurt Mask | Banana and Honey Hair Mask | Mayonnaise Hair Mask

Healthy hair mask

Why to use “Healthy hair masks” ?
Hair are very much living part of your body. They suffer from all your styling and need healthy supplements like proteins and moisture time to time.

How to apply?
This should be a part of your weekly routine.These are applied on TOWEL DRIED HAIR. Again, giving heat either by wrapping a warm towel or wearing a shower cap and sitting under heater will add benefit to your precious hair’s health.

Some best healthy hair masks available in stores : –
The Body Shop Rain Forest Moisture Hair Butter
Matrix Biolage Fortetherapie Intensive Strengthening Masque
Loreal Total Repair 5 Hair Masque
Schwarzkopf Extra Hair Care Repair
Sunsilk Keratinology Hair Spa Mask


Why to use “Reconstructing and Reconditioning damaged hair” ?
To reconstruct and recondition extremely damaged hair.

How to apply?
Apply them to WET HAIR and use a WIDE – TOOTH COMB to spread in evenly through the hair. Applying heat to the hair after application will be an added advantage.They are mostly salon treatments.

Listen to your hair. Take care

I am a beautiful soul

You love high heels but do not know how to feel comfortable in them

Blue, white, elegant, tall.

Lady wears Prada.

If you have seen the movie or read the book, then you must have known how much women love and dread for high heels at the same time.

High heels instantly make us (women) feel taller, thinner, sexier and adds grace to over all personality. But at the same time they hurt like crazy.

There is a simple trick that can minimize the pain and look good while you do it.

You can scratch the bottom of your soles with sandpaper. It will guarantee you a slip -proof catwalk almost every time.

And if you have to wear heels daily then you MUST NEVER wear the same pair of heels, oops stilettos I mean, for two days in a row. No two paid of shoes are same. Each pair gives your feet a unique feeling by creating different pressure points. If you wear same pair for two days in a row, you will begin to feel pain and discomfort more.

What’s your secret?


Say hello to your own dreams.

Because everyone today is struggling with BIG expectations and along with it screwed in maintaining BIG vocabularies, Stress and Depression have emerged as BIG demons.  Every other person is haunted by them, these days.

Keep it simple, keep it true. Be honest with your dreams and desires.

Let them, be your dreams.

Let them, be your goals

…and not Gandhi’s, Paulo’s, Robin’s, Steve’s, Mandela’s, Oprah’s, Papa’s, that kid on the block, her’s or his …

Let them be yours. Learn their method. Read why they did.

Just don’t borrow their dreams.. Let your’s breathe..

Say Hello


2015 is the year of Mental health and awareness. You might never know the power of a simple hello or a innocent smile to someone. But for them it could be all the strength in the world packaged beautifully in your warm words / smile.

Make someone feel healthy today.

Say Hello.


Before I die

I would love to live complete 100 years in this life.

And, I love lists. You can find me listing things on my mobile phone ‘notes’ or on my laptop or even on the back of some bill in my pocket.
Reason is simple – I tend to forget things and these lists make me on track.

10 things I want to do before I die.

This is Part 1 of the possible series of posts I would come up. There won’t be just 10 things I would want to do before I die, but till now let me pen down top 10 on my mind now. They may look like freshly out of a dream, but who knows I may achieve some of them or all of them!

1. Put Indian tricolor tattoo on my cheeks and freak out in city on all 3 National Holidays.

I love my nation and I love our tricolor national flag. Once I have worn tricolor scarf, and experimented wearing tricolor bangles to my workplace (everyone was so excited).

I am not a sports fan – no cricket or football for me. Also I don’t like tattoos or body paints (not even nail paints). But for once I want to paint the Indian tricolor on my cheeks and roam (freak out !!) in whole city on all the 3 national holidays.

2. Rush into a taxi and yell … follow that car.

Filmy isn’t . LOL .. Just imagine how fun it would be . Come running out of some café , rush into a yellow taxi and yell (with your full power) at the driver – Follow that car. Come on … Go fast . yeah !!

3. Dance with the love of my life on my favourite ‘candle light song.’

I am not going to disclose which one is my favourite ‘candle light song’ . (As if it deals something with top most privacy and security issues , of some unimaginable sorts !!)

Before I die, I want to dance on this particular song with the love of my life, while standing on top of his feet. Totally lost in the lyrics and each other’s eyes.
Hey you, better be good at balancing.


4. I want someone to capture in a camera me while blushing without me noticing it.

Ahh ! Similar to those pictures, flooded on internet. Want to see myself from the eyes of ‘someone’ , how it is to be simply being yourself and savouring each and every moment of LIFE

5. Run a marathon

If you ask – Half or full marathon? I will say – anyone. I am not a runner. I am good at walking, can walk up to 10 kilometers a day. My average pedometer reading on any given day is 18, 000 + steps.

One day I will run 🙂

6.Have an extended holiday first in Himalayas and then at the beach resort.

Preferably, around New Year. (some New Year)

7. Go Bungee jumping

Did I tell you my love for adventure sports and craziness to spend a day at amusement parks? I have done cliff jumping (not much height) and would love to do bungee jumping.

8. Make a year desktop calendar (all 365 days) with some beautiful quotes/song lyrics/pictures/goals written for each day for the love of my life.

Hey, you ‘someone’, you should read this article before meeting me. This way it would be easy for you to know, when to show ‘genuine’ expressions of being surprised.

9. Sing few songs in Spanish.

I am not good at singing and I don’t know Spanish. But, will sing some day.

10. I want to meet the girl who should be somewhere in this world, born on the same day as me and should look like me!!

They say – there are 7 people in this world who look exactly like you. I don’t know it’s a myth or there are some real examples to back it. I wanted to meet , any one of them (who looks like me) . If the person (a girl) shares same birthday would be a whopping bonus .

What are the things you want to do before you die?

Do you think I would be able to achieve all of them, before I die? I think 6-7 of them a pretty much achievable, soon.

Wish me luck.


2015 extended weekend list – what are your plans?


Just 2 weeks and we will successfully reach 2015. How amazing is that? On a personal note 2014 is the year, that I have no idea where it went. As we are approaching towards 2015, the excitement, joy and hope can be felt every where. New Year symbolizes new beginnings and I guess like me, you must also be receiving 2015 holiday list.

2015 holiday list is out and the buzz it has created is enormous. 2015 has 8 long weekends !! We Indians are crazy about Diwali break, its homecoming and purely family time. If someone can manage to get some days off from work, the lucky one can enjoy 9 days off at a stretch. And if you are smart and strategic enough you can get utilize some casual leaves and have 58 days of travel.

The holiday list can bring a spark in your eyes and you clap your hands in sudden amuse. Indeed a good thing. I see this as a good opportunity when you can get those things done that otherwise will get buried under the long to-do list, including all imaginable excuses.

A new year, a new beginning. Arm yourself with a pen, take out the planner and make your bucket list. You have got the “me time” now, and yes you can do that.

My list of things to get done in 2015:

1. Trip to Leh – Ladakh, on my own.
2. Learn and actually start driving.
3. One adventure activity every month.

I have a precise list of things to get done and I promise I will be sharing with you all. Have you worked on your list? 2015 is the time to use these holidays well. Get things done, work to make your dreams come true.

Have a happy 2015.

PS: This snow clad beautiful picture is from Gulmarg, Kashmir, clicked on my last holiday.